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The Salty Dog (Waubs Harbour Distillery)

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Our collaboration with Waubs Harbour respects the distillery's maritime Tasmanian single malt brand while adding typical Whisky In Isolation twists to create two distillery firsts.

The distillery believes their maritime location allows for slower, stable maturation. No frost in the morning and no extreme heat means less temperature and pressure fluctuations. While the salinity influence that makes its way into the barrels over the years plays a part in creating a character true to only Waubs Harbour. 

'The Salty Dog' has been matured in a French Oak Apera cask for just under 4 years before being moved to a large format French Oak Cognac cask - first #1 for the distillery - for a 4 month finish. 

Using a cognac cask seemed natural given the spirit's maritime connections. From transportation to aging and microclimates, the influence of the oceans on Cognac is wide-reaching. 

As far back as the 11th century global merchants had long been using the wide, deep waters of the French Charente River as a natural port, and the town of Cognac was set to become a hub for the salt trade. These sailors developed a taste for the local wine of the Charente regions that we now know as Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne and Borderies. Wine doesn't like to travel and so, in order to be able to transport it home - a journey that could take months or even years - the ingenious Dutch traders developed the habit of distilling it for transit. When they got home they simply re-added water. They called this distilled liquid Brandwijn, or ‘burnt wine’, and is indeed the origin of the word ‘brandy’. As time went by it was discovered that the ‘shrinking’ process of the liquid was even more effective when carried out twice—and the practice of double distillation was born.

The unique location of Cognac’s growth area means just like Waubs Harbour it has a maritime climate. Salinity, humidity, and weather all affect both the grape growing terroir and barrel maturation during the long aging process.

We have bottled 'The Salty Dog' at natural cask strength 60.9% ABV - the first time the distillery has done this for a commercial release - as it is here the signature Waubs Harbour saltiness shines through but we also love to add a few drops of water to sweeten it up.

Bottle Size: 500ml

ABV: 60.9% ABV

Outturn: 88 bottles

Distillery Tasting Notes

Nose: French patisserie, thinking danish, apricot, add a spice crumb, like cardamon/almond, some salt flakes to intensify, the oak is soft and lovely.

Palate: Cognac's apricot works so well with the apera's creamed apples and base malt of butter, full apricot, buttery spices. Deliciously matches the noses expectation

Finish: Into that buttery cream, lingering.  Plenty to find in the finish.  Dances between the butter, fruits, nuts and spices elegantly. Yum.

Our Tasting Notes

Nose: Sweet floral notes with hints of salted caramel and weathered oak

Palate: Cooked bramley apples drizzled with caramel sauce; milk chocolate raisins; and creamy cashews

Finish: Dried and fresh apricots; malted shortbread; melted butter sprinkled with sea salt flakes