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Our Story

Independent Whisky Collaborator and Bottler

We don’t do simple barrel picks.

We collaborate with distilleries to create distillery firsts and limited editions that are a little bit different.

All our whiskies either start from scratch or are created by marrying casks, put through a secondary maturation process - or a combination of the three!

But it is not experimentation for experimentation’s sake. The ultimate aim is to always create Just Great Whisky.

The Story Behind Our  Name & Logo

The global pandemic was tough on many people mentally. To keep myself engaged outside of the day job, my wife encouraged me to pursue my passion for whisky and writing to start a blog.

The origins started in isolation but it was about turning this negative into a positive. It was about sharing stories, reviews and this passion with other people across Australia and the world. Isolation in fact led to more connections with people than I could ever imagine.

It was through this that I started talking with distilleries, and utilising their skills and expertise, the first cask was laid down in Easter 2020.

And whisky, well that is what we do: Just Great Whisky.

Oh and rather conveniently, my parents also call me ‘Just’, while my preference for drinking whisky is just as it comes; straight up, no ice, no mixer!!

Our logo too is also about positivity and the support of family in adversity.

The whisky glass sits within an Isolation Room sign spun to create a positive superhero triangle.

Each star represents my family and I. I am the bottom star, the foundation, but without the support of my wife and daughter, the stars on either side, there is no Whisky In Isolation.

We all appreciate your support.

Justin Farmer - Founder & Director